Google Notebook

Google Blogoscoped just noticed a new link in the top navigation bar when performing a Google search. The new “My Notebook” link will actually pull up a notebook manager that is very similar to what the Firefox extension has to offer, except this one is completely coded using JavaScript and requires no installation. In it you can add or remove notes as well as manage all of your notebooks.

This also integrates very well with the “Note This” link located at the end of each search result. When you click on the Note This link it will pull up your notebooks and automatically insert that search result. If you don’t want to use the Note This link you can also highlight any text on the page and drag it into the notebook…where it will automatically copy the selected text into a new note.

I am very happy to see Google developing this notebook management tool because it is a sure sign that it can be turned into a cross-browser bookmarklet. I did, however, try it out in Opera (I had to mask the browser as IE or Firefox to get the My Notebook link to appear) but it didn’t work quite right. It seemed to be just a formatting issue that Google could probably solve if they wanted to (or something that Opera users could fix once they view the JavaScript code).

Not only that but a bookmarklet would mean that this simple tool would be usable on any site we visit. Many of the note taking services that are currently available lack a powerful bookmarklet that even comes close to what Google’s does, so I’m sure it would be a welcomed addition to the service.

There is one last thing I wanted to point out even though it is slightly unrelated to the topic. It appears that some Google bombs are making their way back up to the top such as the infamous “failure” search, even though the Google bomb issue had supposedly been solved.