Google Notebook Screenshots Made Available

Google had recently announced a Google Notebook at their press release. This is supposed to be made available next week for testing and it will allow users to keep notes on the pages they visit. This is how it will work:

Notebook is a little notes window that follows you from the Google search results to other sites, allowing you to collect bits and pieces of information. You can also make public parts of Google Notebook to share it with others.

It does sound like it will be very useful and will help you remember important parts from some sites. Until now there have been no screenshots available to give users some insight on what to expect.

By looking at the screenshots it appears that this will be even more powerful than I thought. The notes window isn’t nearly as obtrusive as I expected it to be and will be very easy to hide or close.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

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News Source: Google Blogoscoped