One thing that can become really frustrating is when you go a site only to find that they have a long Flash introduction. Your options are to sit and wait for the 10 or 15 second introduction to finish, or you could search the page for the “skip intro” button which is never in the same spot on every site. On the bright side, at least there is the option to skip the intro, but it would be nice if there was one universal spot to put it on every site.

Instead of searching all over the page, what if you were able to just click the “skip intro” button right from your search engine? Google has now added a new feature and if a site has a “skip intro” button, they will show it in the search results. When you click on it you’ll be taken to the homepage without having to sit through the introduction. Nice, isn’t it?

google skip intro.png

I should say it’s nice for the people visiting the site who really don’t want to have to wait to see an introduction. For developers though, it’s not so nice. There’s a reason they have an introduction and they probably spent a good amount of time making it.

As Google Blogoscoped mentions, this is a feature that could have been around for some time that is now just getting noticed, or it could be new. We did come across some sites that had an introduction, but Google didn’t provide the “skip intro” option. It appears as though a site must have the words “enter site” on the introduction page that is in HTML in order for Google to pick it up.

Thanks for the tip Cory!

Source: Google Blogoscoped