Google Page Creator Lets Users Experiment With Gadgets
Some people do not realize that the Google Page Creator has experimental features that you can tinker around with. The most recent experimental feature is the Gadgets pictured above and you can now add these gadgets to your very own Google Site. I think all of gadgets that they have listed are the ones that you can add on your Google Personalized Homepage. Here is how you can use them:
  1. Go to the Google Page Creator Homepage.
  2. Select “Site settings” located on the right side of the page.
  3. Press the button that says “Enable experimental features”.
  4. Select the button that says “Yes, I understand what I’m getting myself into.”
  5. Now go and either create a new page or select an existing page to edit.
  6. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the gadget.
  7. Press the “More” button on the left-hand toolbar. The button has a picture of a piece of pie on it.
  8. Find and select the gadget you want to add. Then press the “Add Gadget” button.
  9. You will then see a preview of the gadget. Some gadgets will also have configurable settings (color, zip codes, etc…) that can be adjusted here. After everything looks good press the “OK” button.
  10. That’s it, you now have a Google Gadget on your very own site!