Google Patent

The above image was taken from the PDF for the patent that Google just received for their search interface. I’ll warn you right now that there isn’t much content in the PDF and the screenshots don’t get any clearer from what I have pictured above. Somehow after being submitted for more than two years Google got the patent approved, but I wonder if there are any sites that they are going to try and target for copying off them?

Google Patent Search Engine What’s even more intriguing, and unexpectedly a lot of fun, is their new Patent Search Engine. You can obviously do searches for patents and the advanced features let you search by patent number, title, inventor, assignee, classification, and date. How could something so boring be so fascinating? Simple, on the homepage of the Patent Search they will show you five random patents…just sit there and keep refreshing the page to look for interesting ones. Pictures are worth a thousand words so I’ll just link to the fun results that I found:

  • Jumping snail (Pictured to the right, no explanation necessary.)
  • Device for cooling an infant’s brain (I need one of these for me.)
  • Candy forming machine (Don’t we all have one of these?)
  • Computer (I think Sony’s computers have come a little further since then. I wonder if their batteries were just as dangerous back then? Oh yeah, this thing probably wasn’t battery powered. :D )
  • Zipper (Doesn’t look as easy as you would think.)
  • Pocket protector (Wowsers, this goes back to the early 1900’s! Who knew nerds were so geeky even back then.)
  • Shark protector suit (Carry one of these with you at all times.)
  • Finger puppet (Yes, a finger puppet.)
  • Toupee (For those that have a hair management problem.)
  • Underwear (We all wear it don’t we? Well, at least I hope so. ;) Note that this was just filed in the year 2000.)
  • Beer Faucet (Way better than tapping a keg!)

Hope you got as much amusement out of those as I did! Leave any other funny or interesting ones in the comments below.

News Source: SlashDot