Googlelogo5There were a lot of unhappy Google Personalized Home Page users yesterday who were ready to throw the towel in after a glitch caused some of the home pages to go back to an older version, and revert back to default settings.

Google addressed the problem pretty quickly, posting that they’re in “frantic chase-down-this-bug-mode here at the Googleplex”. And since then, Google Blogoscoped has reported that Google has fixed the issue and that people got their pages back and everything was fine.

Had the situation not turned out so favorable, I think some people were ready to ditch Google.  On one of the discussions in Google Groups, a user called Slippy went on to say that he spent “weeks tailoring my personalized homepage so that it was just right for my very intensive Internet needs.” If his content didn’t return, he was thinking about giving up on Google and going elsewhere.

Should we rely on web-based services as heavily as we do knowing that we have no real control over what happens? On the bright side, Google showed they were prepared for this kind of situation, and it was great to see that they were able to restore everything back to the way it was. Happy endings are always good, and the only ones left a little disgruntled still were those who spent the time putting the pieces back together last night, only to find that their pages were restored today.

Source: PC World (Thanks Cory!)