Google IG Gadget MenuGoogle will now help you find gadgets for your Personalized Homepage in a few different ways. The first way is using the drop-down menu located on a specific gadget. In that menu you should see a new option labeled “You might also like…” (pictured to the right) which will take you to a listing of gadgets that other people use in addition to that one. As the Google Blog points this list is compiled from the Google Personalized Homepage community instead of just using a computer-generated recommendation list. For example, here is the page with the recommended links for our feed…which consists primarily of other news sites like CNet and Wired which are sure to appeal to our readers.

I wasn’t very impressed with that feature though, but Google was not going to disappoint me with the other way to add recommended gadgets. When you create a new tab they also ask whether you want the tab to be pre-filled with gadgets based upon the name you enter in:

Google IG Tab

I thought this was pretty cool and immediately tried it. I’m always looking for some fun games to play around with so I created a tab called “Games.” It immediately popped up with 9 gadgets which contained some well-known games like Pacman and Sudoku, as well as some I hadn’t heard of like Color Junction and Flood It. This is a great way to quickly find some games/news that you may not have found otherwise, and also a great way to kill some time!

Google does “limit” you to creating six tabs, but as Google Operating System pointed out you can still add more tabs by entering this JavaScript code into the Address Bar and running it:

javascript:_renameTab(); _dlsetp('at=')