Picasa Web Albums It has been a little while since we have seen some updates to Google Picasa Web Albums but it looks like there are some nice things just in time for the holidays. Here are the new features that I am sure you’ll love:

  • Anyone can upload videos using Picasa – Finally, a way to share those digital camera movies with friends. Learn more
  • Search and tag your photos. Search over your friend’s public photos – Hey, we’re Google. Search across album descriptions, captions, our new tags and more.
  • Order prints and photo products – If one of our print providers sells it, you can order it.
  • Embed an album or photo in your MySpace profile or a blog

Upgrading from the limited 250MB of storage space is still quite expensive as I mentioned the other day:

  • 6.25GB ($25 USD per year)
  • 25GB ($100 USD per year)
  • 100GB ($250 USD per year)
  • 250GB ($500 USD per year)

Google really needs to step things up now to compete with Flickr because their upgraded plan, which costs less than Google’s cheapest plan, offers you unlimited everything. One thing that Google definitely has going for them is the smooth integration with the free Picasa photo management software and without that I don’t think many people would be using their online photo service. I’m actually surprised that Yahoo! (the owner of Flickr) hasn’t tried to develop their own photo management software to really try and hit Google where it counts.

News Source: Google Operating System