Some of you may remember a service called Measure Map from back in 2005. It was free and provided bloggers with stats for their blogs. There are certain stats that are more useful to bloggers than others which is why Measure Map was so useful. On their site they list some of the benefits of using the service like “easily navigate the numbers that matter,” or “track links to see who sends you traffic.” Things were going along pretty nicely for them and continued that way when Google acquired them on February 14, 2006. Once they became a part of Google though, not a peep was heard from them.

Now TechCrunch is reporting that Google is ready to relaunch Measure Map and that it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Michael Arrington said he recently received an email that was sent to the early Measure Map users which explains the changes. In a nutshell, they explained what they’ve been doing in the time since they got acquired saying, “We got acquired by Google, we redesigned their Analytics app, and we’ve since rebuilt Measure Map from the ground up.”

Measure Map.png

Measure Map is one great example of how not all of the companies that get acquired by Google and then fade away are really gone forever. If you were one of the people who was an original tester of Measure Map, you should have received a message explaining how you’ll need a Google Analytics account to use the new version at Google. Without trying it ourselves, we’re really curious as to what kinds of changes they made and how it will differ from Analytics which many bloggers already use.