Fortune has released their list of the 100 best companies to work for in 2007.  Topping the list at number one is Google. Now, how does Fortune pick the best 100? Well, the first component is a process that involves their own evaluation of policies and the culture of each company.  The second component includes the opinions of the company’s (in this case Google) own employees.  They also take a look at the company’s demographic makeup, pay and benefits programs, and other such things.

So, what makes Google such a great company to work for? It could be a variety of things, because there are a lot of perks working at the Googleplex.  It could be the free gourmet food all day long, or snack rooms filled with yogurt, candy,and the like. Maybe it’s the shuttle-bus transportation from area train stations, or the onsite car washes and oil changes.  Would you like a hybrid car? Maybe it’s the $5,000 that Google will give you towards it. Need a haircut? No problem, you can get that done onsite. Just have a baby? You’re given $500 in takeout food to make things easier. Not to forget, there’s also a gym, exercise classes, and you can even get a massage, and this is just the start of the list of perks that Google offers.

Is it all of the perks that make Google such a great company to work for? Well, could be.  An organizational-behavior professor at Stanford has been doing research, seeing how benefits increases productivity and helps employees to focus on work. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin let people know from the start that they weren’t your traditional company. They said, “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” So far, their plan has worked and it appears they are reaping the benefits from it.

Other popular Tech Companies on the list of 100 include:

  • Cisco Systems (11)
  • Qualcomm (14)
  • Adobe Systems (31)
  • Yahoo (26)

How much do you know about Google? Can you pass the Google test? Take it here, and find out what you know about the Best Company to work for in America ( I got 50 out of 60. There are 6 questions, and 10 points for each).