It was always ironic to me that Google specializes in search, yet they didn’t offer a search option in Google Reader. The ability to search through  feeds was one of those things that many Google Reader users said was needed, and now finally it’s there. If you know you read an article about how to speed up file transfers and you wanted to reference it again, now you can just use the search feature to find it instead of manually going through all of your feeds.

When you’re searching, there are a few different options to narrow your search. A drop-down menu will list all of the options for you. One option is to enter your search query and search through "all items."  If you knew that you read that article about speeding up file transfers at a certain site, you could select that you want to search for example, only the "CyberNet News" subscription.  Aside from searching through all items, or a specific subscription, you can search through starred items as well as shared items.

google reader search

Besides the addition of a search box, Google Reader has now learned to count to 1,000! That’s right, your unread feeds will go all the way up to 1,000 now. Another change you’ll notice is that you’re able to hide the side navigation bar.  All you have to do is click in the area between the navigation bar and your content (the separator), and it will disappear.  To get the navigation bar back, just move your mouse to the left of the content where the navigation bar would be placed, and click the separator once again.

The only major complaint I’ve heard so far and experienced is that as of last night, Google Reader won’t work in Opera. There’s already a discussion going on in the Google Reader Help Group regarding the problem. If you’re using Opera, you’ll notice that it will only display the logo and the toolbar at the top. Hopefully this is something that will be fixed soon…

Thanks for the tip Curtiss and XPGeek!