Google Reader Notifier For Firefox

I just noticed that there was a new extension posted to Mozilla’s Add-on page and it will notify you if there are any unread items in Google Reader. This may sound similar to the extension that I mentioned last week but this Google Reader Notifier does a few things that the other didn’t do. First, and foremost, it has a notification window that will slide up whenever Google Reader has an unread item. This is important for those people who want to know immediately when there is a new message because the Statusbar icons just don’t stand out enough.

As you can see in the Preferences screenshot above you can also adjust the duration between updates and have it mark the items as read when you click on the icon. This isn’t quite as full-featured as I would like because the one “critical” thing that is missing would be a listing of the unread sites/stories in the notifier. That would give you the information you need to determine whether it is worth going to the Google Reader to check the unread items. I’m sure that feature will be coming soon but for the time being this will tide people over quite well.