Google Reader NotifierGoogle Reader users will be happy to know that there is now a desktop notifier for Windows so that you’ll know when there are new items to read. It’s not officially made by Google, but it works well nonetheless. Disappointingly this notifier can only show how many unread items there are, and doesn’t show what feeds were updated.

In the preferences you can adjust a few things, such as the update interval or the category that the updater looks for new items in. That’s pretty much it, and if I was going to use this I would probably create a category that contains my most important feeds and only have that monitored. By doing that a notification will only show up from the sites I care the most about.

Google Reader Notifier for FirefoxI still believe that the Google Reader Notifier for Firefox is still a better solution. One of my favorite features that the Firefox extension has is the ability to show a little tooltip window with the title of each feed that has a new item. Some people say that they want to get notified of new items even when their browser isn’t open, but you have to remember that you’ll need to have your browser open anyways in order to read the unread items.

About 2,000 of our feed readers are using Google Reader, so what is everyone using to monitor for updates?

Google Reader Notifier for Windows [via Kyle’s Cove & Ghacks]