Google Reader One eagle-eyed member of the Google Blogoscoped forum noticed that there was a confidential video posted on Google Video today. The intended purpose of the video was for new Google employees (a.k.a. Nooglers), but it has since been removed. Luckily Google Operating System was on top of things and took down some of the Google Reader stats.

Here are a few of the ones I found to be interesting:

  • Google Reader aggregates data from more than 8 million feeds, which comes to 10TB worth of data storage.
  • Feeds with only one subscriber get updated every 3 hours, and all others are updated ever hour.
  • 70% of Google Reader users run Firefox.
  • There are two systems in place for searching: one with 150 machines and 600 million documents, and another with 40 machines and 40 million documents. The latter is used only for recent posts and is updated every 5 minutes.

I think Google should keep a page with these kind of stats available at all times. There will always be stat freaks, like myself, that find this type of stuff to be interesting.

Google Operating System also said that there were some ideas mentioned for features that might be coming in Google Reader, and one of those things is revenue sharing with feed publisher using Adsense. I’m not sure if that would become a reality or not, but I’m sure a lot of website publishers would be in favor of that idea.

Read some more of the stats at Google Operating System …