GmailGoogling Google just posted about a Gmail suggestions site that I haven’t seen before. Previously I have always referred to this suggestion site that lists about 12 different options for you to choose from. Now, however, there is another suggestion site that has way more options available!

The reason why this is important is because the new site has one option in particular that really needs to be addressed. Towards the bottom of the suggestion page (in the Helpful Additions section) you’ll see a new option called “Export messages to a CD for storage.” This is something many Gmail users would love to have because it would offer a way for us to backup our email messages in case we have to go through a catastrophic failure that some users have been plagued with.

There are many other suggestions that I wanted to choose, but they only let you pick 5 of them at a time. They even have a section dedicated to integrating Gmail with other Google services, and they want to know which services you want to see integrated the most.

After carefully going through the 45 options available I decided on the following 5:

  1. Hierarchy of Label system (i.e. sub-Labels)
  2. Control who is added to my Contacts list
  3. Ability to add or remove messages from conversations
  4. Export messages to a CD for storage
  5. Add notes to messages

A label hierarchy system would be really great because it would allow me to group similar labels, and this is something that I’ve wanted for a long time. I like having the labels instead of just folders because I can easily apply multiple labels to some messages, but my list of labels is getting too long and I need an easier way to keep my labels organized.

So which 5 features available on the list did you vote for?

Go cast your vote for the 5 best features you want in Gmail!