google privacy.pngIn the past we have heard some of you express concern over Google’s storage of personal data. It’s simply part of their business that they store bits of information from their users, but they always pledge to keep that information private. They’ve changed their privacy policy on several occasions, and once again they have changed it. This most recent change should help their users feel just a bit better about the storage of their personal data.

According to Reuters, Google is significantly reducing the amount of time that they store your data. Previously they kept personal data for about 18 months, but now it has been cut in half to nine months. Google commented on this change saying:

We’re significantly shortening our previous 18-month retention policy to address regulatory concerns and to take another step to improve privacy for our users

Is this a necessary move for Google to make or have you always felt confident that Google handled your private information appropriately, whether they held onto it for 18 months or 9 months?