According to the Google Blog, Picasa Web Albums Uploaders for Mac OS X has been released into beta. Isn’t it about time we see this available for Mac users? As a refresh in case you’re unfamiliar with Picasa, it’s Google’s version of storing, organizing and sharing your photos on the web. With the download of the Picasa Web Albums Uploaders, you’re given two tools to make uploading photos easier. One tool helps you upload your photos from iPhoto, and the other makes it easy to drag your photos into a standalone application for uploading. Ted Bonkenburg who posted the news on the Google Blog says he used his 20 percent time at Google to help make Picasa better for all the Mac users out there. It’s always good to see companies making their services available to both Mac and Windows users, especially a power house like Google. They seem to be dragging their feet with Mac compatible software. So Mac users, go check it out… it’s free!