Google Page Creator Loses A Feature

Garett Rogers is reporting that the Google Page Creator just lost a feature that it was recently introduced as experimental. That feature added a link to the homepage that said “Create a site with a different address.” If you clicked on that link it would let you create a domain in the format of *

People seem to be wondering why Google removed this feature but there is one reason that sticks out to me. Everyone that has a Google account has a domain that looks something like If you tried to create a different address in the Page Creator it made sure that someone didn’t already have a Google or GMail account with the same name. If there was no one then they would go ahead and give it to you. 

A problem arises if people continue to snatch up tons of different names because that limits the number of options available for new Google users. If I was Google the last thing that I would want to do is give away a domain to someone when someone else may really want that address for email purposes later on, and GMail is obviously more popular that Google Page Creator. If someone wants that domain bad enough then they will just register that Google account, but why make it easy for users to create spam sites? Google Blogger is already full of spammers and the last thing they should want is to see Google Pages follow along.

To sum that up: Google probably removed the feature because it was way to easy for people to say “hey, I’ll grab that address too just for the fun of it.” In my opinion it was smart of Google to remove this feature.

Thanks for the tip Curtiss!