GooglemobileGoogle has spent some time revamping their new mobile search, and now they’re ready to make it available to anybody who wants to try it out. Nice timing. am I the only one that finds it coincidental that this comes right after Yahoo launches their revamped service?

According to the announcement: “You won’t need to sift through both mobile and regular web results, or specify your search type—local, image, web, etc.—as our new search experience will offer you results based on the nature of the query itself. So if you search for [bbc] on your device, you’ll get a link to the mobile-friendly BBC website. Search for [us post office], and you’ll get listings for the branches that are closest to your set location, and so on. No extra stuff that gets between you and the information you need.”

I haven’t been able to try this out first hand, but according to their website, this is what you can expect when you’re using Google to search on your mobile device:

  1. Faster and more relevant results
  2. Add modules to personalize your search page like weather, stocks, etc.
  3. Location memory – it will remember the recent locations that you’ve searched. You can always change your default location too.

Google Blogoscoped has an image comparing the old with the new.  Probably the biggest change is the customization that allows you to build your page, and the fact that you don’t have to select which search you’re wanting to perform because Google will automatically search images, news, etc.


The new design means fewer clicks to getting the information that you want.  I guess it’s a good thing that there’s competition out there that forces companies like Google and Yahoo to produce a better product.  Had it not been for Yahoo’s recent launch, I’m not sure that Google would have been as quick to get their updated version out to the public.