Google Safe Browsing Firefox Extension Google has been offering the Safe Browsing Firefox extension for quite some time now and it is something that I install with every Firefox installation that I do. It is nice that the extension will no longer be needed in Firefox 2 because the Safe Browsing feature is going to be built-in.

The extension basically works by comparing the URL of the site you’re visiting to a list of known phishing sites. If a match is found you’ll see a warning similar to the one above. However, most people don’t realize that the extension is protecting you from 4,100+ sites! Don’t believe me? Checkout the list yourself.

Here are a few statistics that I gathered from the 4,195 blocked sites:

  • The word ebay is found 1,835 times.
  • The word paypal is found 1,209 times.
  • The word login is found 1,036 times.
  • The word bank is found 796 times.
  • The word secure is found 404 times.
  • The word chase is found 401 times.