A friend of mine told me to type failure into the Google search box to see what the result was. I was thinking that the result could be one of many things, but the first result was absolutely shocking.

The second result in the search is Failure Magazine and the third result is the Wikipedia entry for failure, both of which make sense. The first result, however, doesn’t even have the word “failure” anywhere on the site.

The only reason that I can think of why it is the first result is that many people probably hyperlink to that page and use the word “failure” from within that hyperlink. Some search engines, like Google, use words in a hyperlink as a descriptor for the site that is being hyperlinked. For example, if you hyperlink to our site like this:

Technology News

then Google will bump us up a little in the search results for anyone searching for “Technology News”…of course that is just speculation on how it works but it seems to be logical. That is why they recommend that you use keywords when creating a hyperlink instead of the classic “click here” hyperlink.

At any rate, hope you got your laugh for the day.