Google Shows How The World Searches

For those people that have been wondering why my posts have been less frequent it is because I am currently on vacation. There are many times that I am completely unable to get connected to the Internet as well. I will be returning on May 16 at which time I should be posting more frequently. I have also been working on a special article on how to become a Firefox nightly tester with all of the tools and information that you need in the article.

Now I will talk about the new Google Trends. It is quite a fun tool to play around with and offers users the ability to find what the most popular searches are on the Net. You can also view a chart to see the complete trend which reminds me of watching the history of a specific stock.

It will also try and point out some specific news articles that may correspond to the peaks on the graph. A good example of this is searching for September 11. There are some definite peaks in the trend graph with a news article that explains most of the peaks.

Let me know if anyone finds any other interesting search results.

Google Trends Homepage