SketchUp Google has brought another huge milestone to the table by releasing SketchUp 6, which is developed by a company that Google acquired back in April 2006. Here are the goodies that you’ll find jam packed in the new release (according to the user guide):

  • Photo Match – Lets you match up a photograph with a modeling environment, and you can even setup a photo so that you can trace it in 3D.
  • Styles – Styles can be created to save display settings on models. That way if you have several different models with similar settings, you don’t have to go through the trouble of personalizing each of them…just apply a style that you’ve created!
  • Watermarks – These can be used to create backgrounds or for placing logos on the screen.
  • Sketchy Edges – This will make the edges of the model look like they were hand drawn.
  • Fog – Adds some haze to the model to simulate a fog effect.
  • 3D Text Tool – Create 3D text to be used anywhere in SketchUp.
  • Text and Dimension Improvements – The quality of the models when printing or viewing them on the screen has been improved.
  • Speed – SketchUp now runs up to 5 times faster.
  • Force Inference Directions – Use the arrow keys to tell SketchUp exactly which direction you want.
  • Component, Materials, and Styles Browsers – The browsers have been streamlined to improve the usability.
  • Intersect Tool – Two new tools for selecting intersections: intersect selected and intersect context.
  • Paste in Place – The precise location of cut, copy, and paste operations are remembered for quick placement of pasted selections.
  • Two-Point Perspective – Allows you to recreate this classic style used by draftsmen and illustrators.
  • Better Modifier Keys – Use the modifier keys to start operations like copy at anytime during an operation.
  • Google Earth and 3D Warehouse Plugins – share your plugins using 3D Warehouse and place the models in Google Earth.

That is a really great list of features, but I haven’t messed with SketchUp a whole lot previously so I’m not exactly sure just how productive these new things will make people. I have, however, spent a lot of time browsing through models at Google’s 3D Warehouse where anyone can upload the things they design. I was curious how many models there were but I couldn’t find a way to have all of them listed…so I resulted to a normal Google Search. That search returned 74,000 results which only includes individual model pages, so it should be decently accurate as to how many models there currently are.

If you want to be amazed at what people can do with SketchUp make sure to checkout the top 100 page of the 3D Warehouse. You’ll find awe inspiring models like these:

Those are just some of the great models that I found by searching through the top 100. If you see any other great models make sure you let us know, but in the mean time I may have to get crackin’ at SketchUp to see what I can make for myself. Has anyone here made any cool models?

News Source: Googling Google