Google Spreadsheet Screenshots & Sign-Up Link

Google is going to be releasing the Google Spreadsheet tomorrow, June 6, and we have all of the information for you right now. The sign-up link is below along with a visual tour of the service. They are only going to let a limited amount of people into the service initially while it is being tested.

It looks like it is going to be a pretty basic service but it will be nice to access a spreadsheet quickly on the Web. You will also be able to setup collaboration with other users which will be nice for businesses and other people who need to constantly share documents.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up now before it is too late!

Google Spreadsheet Sign-Up
Google Spreadsheet Tour
Google Spreadsheets Help

There Are 2 Comments

  1. Odd, I added the module to my homepage, but it just shows the square calender view – it doesn’t have the list of my appointments underneath as in the screeenshot. Think I’ll stick to GCal.

  2. I assume you meant to post this for the Google Calendar on your homepage, but you can view your appointments by clicking the link “Show Agenda” above the calendar. There is also a button to hide the calendar if you choose.


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