Google Spreadsheets is finally starting to catch-up with competitors by adding support for charts.  This has been a wanted, and needed addition for quite a while because it brings it one step closer to the options you’d have if you were using a spreadsheet application offline.

Now you’ll notice a pie-chart icon at the top of the page. By clicking on it, you’ll have all of your chart options available.  From there you can select what type of chart you’d like, select the data range, add labels like the title, and then save your chart.  As you make those changes, you’ll get a live preview in the bottom right corner.


It’s simple and easy to use, and what’s nice is that you’re able to export your chart as a PNG so that you can publish the chart or spreadsheet to a webpage. To save it as a PNG, just right click on the image, and the click “save image.”

Definitely a nice addition.

Source: Google Blogoscoped

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  1. I have to say I generally prefer Yahoo! sites but Google docs is really something excellent. Y! just doesn’t have anything to compete. I like the shift (revolution) from desktop apps to free online apps. I probably won’t switch immediately from Office, but I think I’ll switch over eventually, now that they have presentations (they’re cross compatible with powerpoint .ppt right?). I doubt I’ll pay for software much in the future.

  2. I’m just waiting to see Google team up with a free desktop Office suite like OpenOffice or to offer their own standalone application that will synchronize with their server. I would actually rather see them create their own application because their interface is a lot simpler than the typical office application, and I’m sure I could teach people how to use it a lot easier than OpenOffice.

    I’m sure that Google wouldn’t make some sort of presentation software without making it cross compatible with PowerPoint files, that would almost make the service worthless if that was the case.

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