Up until now, the features that have been added to Google Spreadsheets have been a bit underwhelming. There’s nothing they’ve done where I stopped and said “wow, that’s amazing or unique” until today.  Recently they implemented a form feature that will help users collect information in a poll like fashion.  It’s not that this feature is going to be beneficial to everybody, because it’s not, but to those who could use such a feature, they’re going to love this. It’s part of the sharing feature and it only takes a minute to create a form and invite people to fill it out.  The best part of this whole feature is that the information that is collected will be compiled automatically in a Google Spreadsheet for you. All people will have access to is the form itself and not the results.

To access this feature, go to http://spreadsheets.google.com and start a new Spreadsheet. Click “Share” and then “invite people: to fill out a form.” A box will appear that explains how it works as shown below:

google spreadsheet form

By clicking ‘start editing your form,” you’ll be able to write your question, add help text (this shows up under your question), and choose a question type. Question types include: paragraph text, multiple choice, checkboxes, or choose from a list. Below is an example of what you see when you are creating your form:

google spreadsheet form editing

Next is a screenshot of my form when I was done with it. I made sure to select each question type so you can an idea of what it looks like. Just click to enlarge the image:

google spreadsheet form 2

After you’ve completed the form, you will be able to choose your recipients which is my only complaint of the whole feature.  Your only option for sharing the form is to send it as an email or provide people with a direct link.  If you could embed the form into a site, this feature would be just about perfect. And remember, all of the information that is collected from the various people that fill out the form will automatically be compiled into a Google Spreadsheet for you. How convenient is that?

If you’d like to see what a form looks like, just click here and you’ll be directed to the form I created.

Source: Official Google Docs Blog