Google Spreadsheets Get A Few Nice Updates

When CNet polled their users to see what they thought of the Google Spreadsheet service some people thought it was great while others thought it was useless. I was, and still am, in the middle because certain features like collaboration are very useful but the Online spreadsheet capabilities are definitely lacking some of Excel’s most powerful features. In some of my Excel spreadsheets I use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in order to complete tasks in a more efficient matter. While other software, such as, offer alternatives to VBA code it is much more difficult to implement this into an Online spreadsheet.

Google has now provided a minor upgrade to the Google Spreadsheet service that they offer. The screenshots above depict the new features that can be found in the Google Spreadsheets. The image on the left-side depicts the new right-click menu as performed on an individual cell. It is very handy to have a right-click menu that offers options to cut, copy, and paste.

If you are right-clicking on a row you will see the menu on the right-side of the image, which gives you easy access to inserting and deleting rows. The right-click menu for columns is also very similar except that it also has the ability to sort the column’s contents A->Z or Z->A.

It is nice to see that Google has not stopped adding features to the Google Spreadsheet service and hopefully they will continue to add more. In addition to noticing the new features mentioned above Garett also believes that Google continues to get close to launching the Writely Word Processor service. Maybe Google should have just acquired Zoho so that they could get a whole Office Suite in one purchase.