Google Spreadsheets

Google Just released some awesome new features for the Google Spreadsheets. Here is the list of features in a nice bulleted fashion:

  • Publish a spreadsheet in a variety of formats such as HTML or PDF.
  • Embed a spreadsheet into any website or blog. It even lets you include multiple sheets and your visitors will be able to easily switch between them.
  • Syntax for a new formula: =GoogleFinance(“symbol”, “attribute”)
    “symbol” represents the stock symbol of the company you’re looking for (i.e. GOOG, QQQ, etc.) and “attribute” represents the type of market data that you desire ( i.e. Price, Volume, etc.). Full list of available options can be found here.
  • Syntax for a new formula: =GoogleLookup(“entity”, “attribute”)
    where “entity” represents the name of the entity that you want to access, like Kuala Lumpur, Audrey Hepburn, or oxygen, and “attribute” is the type of information that you want to retrieve. Examples of entities and attributes can be found here.

To publish or embed a spreadsheet you’ll need to click on the “Publish” tab towards the upper-right corner of the screen and select “More publishing options.” Then you will be presented with a drop-down menu of publishing options and this is an example of the embedded HTML spreadsheet:


The whole retrieving live data feature reminds me of what the other online spreadsheet service, called EditGrid, already offered. However, I think Google has found a way to make it easy for anyone to implement without much understanding of how it works. I am still partial to the Web Queries that Excel offers because they give me a lot of control over the specific content that gets retrieved but Google is definitely onto something.

News Source: Google Operating System