Google Spreadsheets To Get A Chart Creator Soon

Garett Rogers from Googling Google noticed a new addition to the Google Spreadsheets code. The new code makes it appear that Google is working on the ability to create charts or graphs which will make this “software” more realistically useful. One of the biggest selling points of a good spreadsheet program is the ability to analyze the data via graphs and charts. This will help fill in a large gap that Google Spreadsheets had been missing since it launched the Beta program.

Maybe Google is really focusing on adding new features to the Spreadsheet because just a few days ago they added a right-click menu that lets you perform common operations. The menu makes it easy to copy and paste text but also adds the ability to insert or delete rows and columns. Once the chart capabilties are implemented then this will be a really nice Online Spreadsheet program. I personally think that they should have waited to launch Google Spreadsheets until they had the chart and graphs feature fully functional, but I guess it is still in the Beta stage.