I’ve said it before, but I’m always amazed at what Tony Ruscoe is able to dig up about Google from snooping around. This time around while he was snooping on one of Google’s experimental sites, he found that it looks as though Google is working on Macros for Google Spreadsheets. He says, “by accessing one of Google’s experimental sites I was able to get a sneaky look at some of this functionality, including the ability to record, edit and run macros, edit a shared spreadsheet in something called “List mode” and a few new functions for use in spreadsheet formulas.

google docs spreadsheet macro.png

Power users tend to be the only ones that take advantage of Macros because you have to understand how they work and how to code them. If Google goes ahead and fully develops the Macro functionality, it would probably be enough to lure some users in to using Google Docs for creating their spreadsheets instead of Microsoft Office. The key though is that Google would really need to put the time into developing this so that power users don’t feel like they’re missing something by using it instead of Office. Ruscoe said that from what he could tell, it was obvious that the macro functionality is in the early stages of development.

It definitely looks interesting, but our guess is that it will take months before we see this functionality go live. Checkout more screenshots here