Google Starts Inviting People To Join Picasa Web Albums

We knew it was coming and now it is finally here: Picasa Web Albums. Exciting huh? Well, I am far from excited for this service and it is one of the most disappointing Google services that I have seen.

Picasa Web Albums will only let you upload 250MB of photos for free, but if you want to fork out $25 then you can get 6GB per year. Heck, even Flickr Pro charges you $25 and lets you upload 2GB per month, which comes out to 24GB per year!

That price and upload limit really disappoints me. They do have a nice option to let certain albums be public or private which is exactly what I was hoping for. They also have Picasa integration which makes it really easy to upload your photos.

Overall, I think they need to increase their upload limit to something more competitive. Hopefully they are just starting out and plan to make some changes in the future.

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