Google Starts Selling Headsets For Google Talk

Google has released some headsets for Google Talk that will allow you to easily communicate with your friends and family. Great idea, right? Well, all that they really did is slap the Google Talk logo on these Plantronics headsets and mark the price up a little bit. They have three different versions available:

The first two seem pretty reasonable in price but searching the Web for the same wireless headset can save you some money. I found the Plantronics CS50 Wireless USB Headset for $174.99 from ZipZoomFly (with free shipping) which is a very reputable dealer. So how can Google justify marking it up more than $100? They must be paying little elves to paint their logos on the headsets, at least that is the only thing I can think of.

Garett Rogers also started to wonder whether these were hinting at a Google Talk 2.0 release. It does look like he is right because the USB headset says “You’ve eliminated the phone now remove the wires.” I wonder if they will let people store voicemail messages in their GMail accounts? Wouldn’t that be cool :D .