Google Talk File Sharing The Google Talk Blog posted today about how they listen when we request a feature. They proved that when they recently released a new version of Google Talk that incorporated sending/receiving files and voicemail capability. The most interesting part about the post is when they say “Now, we’re off to the next version. I can’t tell you what your #2 and 3 suggestions were, but I do know that they’re on the way.”

Here is the list of items from the survey (in no particular order):

  • Rich text for outgoing chats
  • Additional smilies or emoticons
  • User profiles
  • Friend groups
  • Multi-user-chats
  • Conference calls
  • Voicemail
  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing or transferring
  • Offline message delivery
  • Mac or Linux versions
  • Call and message encryption
  • Calls to landlines
  • Notification when friends come online

Okay, so out of that list they say there are two more features that they are working on but they do not say specifically which ones, other than they were voted #2 and #3. I would have to guess that video conferencing would be pretty high on the list because everyone has a Webcam these days. Being able to call landline phones would also be cool but I am not sure what they would charge…I’m sure if it was free then a lot of people would love to have that feature.

So what could the new features be that they are working on? Google just loves to leave people guessing.

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