google street driveway We’ve seen Google Street View take some images before that obviously invade on the privacy of individuals, but it looks like they are at it again! Google is actually in the middle of a lawsuit started by a Pittsburgh couple who noticed that their house had made its way onto Google Street View. No problem, right? I mean there are a lot of houses on Google Street View, which is kinda the point of the service.

Well, this one is a little different. In order for the house to be captured the car snapping the 3D imagery had to travel down a private driveway… and they did. As seen in the series of images to the right, the Street View car started on a public gravel road which turned into a private paved driveway. They continued driving all the way up to the three-car garage of the home before turning around, and continued to capture the imagery the entire time.

The Smoking Gun has more snapshots of what was on Google Street View before being pulled down. Now it just has solid black imagery in place of the photos that were once there, which comes as no surprise since Google is getting sued over it.

What do you think they’ll capture next?

The Smoking Gun [via Consumerist]