BBC-YouTubeGoogle has yet to score any big deals with major studios and networks, but they’re making progress with other media companies. In the beginning of February, YouTube felt a slap in the face as Viacom demanded that they remove 100,000 videos belonging to their networks.

Viacom recently announced that after the YouTube debacle, traffic to their networks rose over the last month, and that they’re “heartened by the broad industry support” for demanding that YouTube remove the clips.

YouTube is moving on, and according to The New York Times, they’re forming some smaller, and hopefully promising partnerships with other media companies. One such example is the National Basketball Association.  The NBA channel will show clips from different basketball games that fans will be able to go and watch.

According to YouTube, they say they’re partnering with 200 different media companies each courter.  Besides the NBA recently, they’ve also struck a deal with BBC.

BBC says that their deal with YouTube will be a “promotional vehicle” for them. There will be three channels, one for news, and two for entertainment, and BBC will get a portion of the advertising revenue generated from those channels.

So while YouTube hasn’t struck business with any of the major studios, they’re still taking steps (baby steps) towards providing quality, legal content.