GoogletvGoogle has announced that they’ve joined up with EchoStar Satellite to sell ads to 13.1 million satellite TV subscribers. With lots of speculation building up to this, most expected this was coming. People definitely spend a lot of time watching TV, so this move makes sense for Google who has made billions off of their AdWords/AdSense program.

Google will be selling ads that will be relevant to those viewers who will see them, and ultimately should prove to be a better investment for advertisers. These ads will be targeted towards different groups based upon demographics, regions, and what shows are playing on TV.

Advertisers who are wanting to purchase ads to air on TV will be able to go to Google AdWords automated auction and bid on the ad spots that they want. They can select the time of day, and channel that their ad will play.  So far, 1–800 Flowers and E*Trade Financial have gotten in on the newest way to advertise on TV. is reporting that Google is in talks with several cable providers which analysts say would be a more obvious choice for targeting audiences because cable companies are better able determine their local demographics.

Google also has plans of creating a marketplace which would connect those who want to run ads but don’t have the experience in making them, with agencies that would be able to help.

This is a huge market for Google to jump into. They’ve been extremely successful with their other advertising efforts, but this is a whole new ball game,and now it’ll be interesting to see whether they can pull it off.