Google has finally opened their doors for anyone to create a new Orkut account. That’s right, you no longer need an invite in order to create an account which is actually good to hear. As many of you may know we were giving out invitations to anyone who commented in this post or this one. Combined there were nearly 1700 comments and I have more than 700 friends (400 invitations that I have sent out haven’t been accepted yet).

Then, after opening up Orkut to everyone around the world, Google decided to integrate it with Google Talk. This feature has to be enabled in Orkut by going to the Settings or you can just click here. For those people with a lot of friends you may want to consider using the “Let me choose” option for adding them, otherwise your Google Talk list will be absolutely enormous.

I think it is nice to see Google expanding Orkut and finally opening it up to everyone but I have found myself not being a very active member because a lot of the communities are not in English. Hopefully Orkut will start to see some expansion and more English communities will be developed.

Thanks for the tip Dochar!