GooglegroupchatBack in April, the Google Talk Translator hinted that Group Chat and AIM Integration would be coming sooner or later. AIM Integration isn’t here, but group chat is! Just today they launched a new feature that allows you to invite multiple people into a conversation. Keep in mind, this feature is only available with the Google Talk Gadget (web-based) which you can launch at

The image to the right shows what a group chat looks like.  All you have to do is click “group chat” and you’ll be able to invite multiple people into the conversation. Because this is only available via the Gadget, when you invite someone, they’ll receive a link that will take them to the web version of Google Talk (if they’re not using it already).

It’s interesting that the Google Talk Gadget has been getting great new features, but the Google Talk application hasn’t. The Google Talk Gadget tabs conversations, has an assortment of animated smiley’s, and now the Group Chat. I’d love to see these features added to the application, and I’m not quite sure why Google hasn’t done this yet. Perhaps they’re trying to move away from the application and get more people using the web-based gadget?

Source: Google Operating System