Google Talk Isn't A Very Popular Messenger

It has been out for almost a year but it looks like Google Talk doesn’t have very much to show for it. You are probably thinking “how bad can it really be?” Well, it is that bad. The Comscore chart above shows how many unique visitors each of the messenger clients got in May 2006. It is important to note that you need to add three zeros on to the end of each value to get the correct representation. That means MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger) had 204 million unique visitors while Google Talk received just 3.4 million! One thing that I don’t like about the figures above is that they don’t include Skype and ICQ. Now those numbers also don’t include any information from the integrated Google Talk in GMail but that wouldn’t exactly give Google the 200 million visitors that it needs to be number one. So why is no one using Google Talk? I actually use Google Talk as my only messenger and I really like it. The only feature that I seem to miss every now and then is the ability to transfer files between friends. They could probably find other ways to integrate it with some of their services as well, like being able to send a Google Calendar appointment to a friend via Google Talk. They just need to get creative and start tying all of their services together. News Source: TechCrunch