Google TalkGoogle is big on providing their services in multiple languages, but in order for that to happen they have to first get some translators. One translator in particular felt like sharing some of his recent findings. When he was translating some phrases for Google Talk there were a few that struck his attention:

  • Phrase in English: Your friendsBREAKare bored
    Translation Help: First part of in-roster promo for Gmail. Not Linked.
    What this might mean: Maybe some sort of advertisement that displays only when you’re friends aren’t talking to you?
  • Phrase in English: View as Slideshow
    Translation Help: Sorry, no help available for this message.
    What this might mean: Possibly Google Talk integration with the Presentation service that Google is working on.
  • Phrase in English: NAME has joined
    Translation Help: System messages when user joined or left a muc conversation.
    What this might mean: It is speculated that “muc” is an abbreviation for Multi-User Chat (or Conference), which means Google Talk might finally get group chat capabilities.
  • Phrase in English: NAME will be removed from your AIM buddy list.
    Translation Help: Sorry, no help available for this message.
    What this might mean: We’ve been hearing that Google Talk will be getting integrated with AIM for what seems like forever, but is it possible that it might be coming soon?

It has been awhile since Google Talk has gotten a significant new feature, and the last one was probably the offline messages that was released in November 2006. Heck, there is even a Flash equivalent of Google Talk that has features that the actual software version lacks, so an update is much overdue.

Source: Google Blogoscoped