Google Begins New Type of Advertising Via GPS!

The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt has a new idea of what advertising should be. Picture this: You’re driving in your car listening to the radio. You need a new pair of shoes and as you approach the shoes store, the radio reminds you of this and gives you instructions on how to get there. This is Schmidt’s idea of advertising via GPS location based personalized advertising brought to you by your car radio.

We are bombarded by advertisements that come in all forms every day. Some may not be ready for, or will find this an unwelcome form of advertising. Others may find this to be just the kind of advertising that is worth their time. If you happen to be out shopping and the radio lets you know of a sale going on up the road, it is at least relevant to you and your life. In this situation, everyone involved would benefit (the middle man, advertiser, and consumer).

Also worth noting, back in April, Mike at Techdirt talked about Xybernaut (a firm that eventually filed for bankruptcy) selling their patents that focused on location based advertising. These ideas have been in the workings for quite some time now. The whole idea of location based advertising is a hot topic lately; it seems that it will only be a matter of time before we see this implemented– whether your like it or not!

News Source: ZDNet