BloggerGoogle has been known to pay people to test out some of their beta software.  The latest offer is to test out Blogger, and they’ll pay you up to $100. The money is to compensate you for the time that you spend either participating in a survey, talking on the phone with a researcher, or in person. They say that their studies usually only last about an hour and a half max, so it’s quick, rather easy money.

I decided to sign up, and after entering in basic information like my name, email address, etc., it took me through a five page survey. While it sounds like a long survey, it only took me about five minutes to complete.  They asked me about my Internet habits, and use of Google products.  They do this so that when a user experience research opportunity comes up, they can match you appropriately.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid simply for providing your opinion? The only real requirement is that you’re 18 years of age or older, and if you do an online study, you must have high-speed Internet.

Sounds simple enough to me. You can sign-up here, or get more info from their FAQ here (e.g., Does it involve having electrodes attached to my body? No. Sorry.). If you decide to sign-up, I noticed that they they insert a referral code and I assume this code lets them know that you were directed to the sign-up from Blogger Buzz (which is where I got the sign-up link from).