First Google snatches away YouTube for 1.65 Billion, and now the rumors are rampant that Google is in talks to purchase Facebook for an estimated 2.3 billion. Of course, this is just a rumor but it certainly would not come as a surprise.  Also in the picture is Yahoo and Microsoft, and so we’re left to speculate who will win the battle.

If you look at Google’s own social network Orkut, it leaves a lot to be desired.  While it’s hugely popular in Brazil, it really hasn’t taken off elsewhere.  So, what if Google bought out Facebook? I can think of at least a few things that might be nice.  For example, right now on Facebook users are able to create events and invite their friends on Facebook to attend that event. Incorporating the Google calendar to include those events that you agree to attend might be helpful. Of course incorporating the Google search system would also be a great idea because as it stands, the Facebook search needs some work.

Maybe we’d even see some YouTube or Google Video incorporated? Afterall, MySpace has had a video feature for a while now, and Facebook has yet to incorporate any type of video service. 

Again, this is all rumor with nothing official being announced. The price does seem a bit steep, but it may be worth it.  Social networks of all kinds are taking off like wild fires and I wouldn’t be surprised if Google got in on all of the action. Google’s obviously working at acquiring as many “traffic-heavy” sites as possible which will result in more $$$ from Adsense. Afterall, you can bet that they’ll be sure to optimize all of those ad placements!

Thanks for the tip Curtiss

News Source: WebProNews [via Digg].