Google Toolbar 3 Firefox

Google finally added several of the features that they should have had in the Google Toolbar for Firefox when version 2 launched. The new version 3 (Beta, of course) most notably adds a Google Bookmark menu (pictured above) so that you can easily take your bookmarks with you wherever you go. This is a feature that the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer has had for quite some time. Google Toolbar 3 also lets you add custom buttons and share web sites via Blogger, Gmail, and SMS.

Google Toolbar 3 They also added one feature that isn’t in the toolbar for Internet Explorer, and that is Google Docs & Spreadsheets integration. They decided to step into Zoho’s territory a little bit by letting people open documents and spreadsheets from within their browser instead of having to download a file and then use an external application to view/edit it.

I really wanted to test this in Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso) but I couldn’t do so by going through the normal website. Google likes to check to make sure you’re running a compatible browser before you download and install the extension, but they don’t test the toolbar with pre-release versions of Firefox so they will not let you install it. Looking at the source code of the installation page I was able to find the direct link to the Google Toolbar 3 XPI. Then I was able to install it but there seem to be some issues with getting it to work. The toolbar shows up but you have to drag the buttons onto it from the “Customize” window that you can get when right-clicking on a toolbar. Some of the functions still don’t seem to work quite right which is something you should take into consideration before installing this if you’re testing Firefox 3.

News Source: Official Google Blog