google feedburner.pngGoogle has finally begun migrating RSS feeds that are being hosted on Feedburner over to Google’s own servers. It’s been over a year since Google acquired Feedburner, and since then the service’s 1.92 million feeds have generally been untouched. Why now? Google has begun rolling out Adsense for feeds after closing the doors on Feedburner’s CPM-based advertising solution. Before you can place ads in your feeds, however, you’ll need to migrate them over to Google’s servers.

How do you do that? Google has posted instructions, and surprisingly the migration is manually done by the Adsense team:

To migrate all of your feeds, and your account from to Google, please contact us at and provide the following information:

  • Your FeedBurner account username
  • The Google Account email address you use to sign in to AdSense

We did this yesterday at 3:39PM, and as of 6:44AM our account was transitioned over. The only problem we had was that our feed subscribers dropped by over 2,500, but the Adsense team promptly responded to my inquiry about that:

Your subscriber numbers should come back within 24 hours. It has to do with timing of the various pollers versus the time we did the migration. As all traffic migrates over, your traffic numbers should be reported correctly.

No traffic was lost, it is just that a portion of yesterday is tracked on the old system.

Other than that everything was pretty smooth. Since we do use Feedburner MyBrand I went and changed the CNAME entry in my DNS record to:

feeds CNAME

Google didn’t say that I had to do it, but I thought I would just to be on the safe side.