Google Trends has just added a new feature which keeps you up to date with the hottest search queries. In case you haven’t heard of Google Trends before, it’s a comparison tool. You can enter in different topics and see what the trend is, or how often it’s been searched for on Google.

The new “hot trends” feature points out the hottest search queries for the day, and you can even change the date and go back in time.  According to Search Engine Land, a hot trend is determined by an algorithm.  If there is a “sudden rise in a query phrase that is not in the norm for that query,” it receives a hotness level score.


Ten hot trends are automatically displayed on the Google Trends page, but you can click to view more hot trends, and then you’ll view a page with 100 of them.  Unfortunately for now, this service is only supported in the United States.

Once you click on one of the hot trends, you’ll get more information on the “hotness” of the topic and why it became popular.  For example, one of the hot trends was “how does a kangaroo keep cool.” This search query had a “Medium” hotness level.  The more popular, the hotter it gets.  The levels start at the very top with Volcanic, then on down to On Fire, Spicy, Medium, and Mild.


Google tries to offer explanations for why the query became popular by including news articles and blog posts with the key words. For the query “how does a kangaroo keep cool,” the returned news articles and blog posts offered no insight.

You’ll also see a graph that shows the increase in popularity, and a list of the locations where this search topic is popular. In this situation, people are searching for this query in Tampa, Atlanta, and Orlando.

My guess is that some of the hot trends come from radio stations that have trivia contests. One of the hot trends is “what sports league was born in 1949 when the BAA absorbed the remains of the NBL, and this query is popular only in Boston, Massachusetts.

This is one of those places where you could easily learn something new everyday. It’s fun to take a look through the list because there are a lot of really random searches. Check it out… Google Hot Trends.