Google has updated their AdSense policies, and I thought there were a few interesting changes worth pointing out. Their policies continue to get more defined with more restrictions and rules to follow.

The first change comes under the ‘Site Content’ section.  This is a list explaining the content that is not permitted on a site containing Google ads. There are the typical items such as excessive profanity, illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia, hacking/cracking content, etc. One interesting change has been added. It now says, “Sites displaying Google ads may not include sales or distribution of term papers or student essays.” Obviously, there must be enough people doing this if it’s needed in their policies.

They’ve also added to the ‘Competitive Ads and Services’ section.  If you use multiple ad services, you definitely will want to read this section.  Essentially, anything that resembles AdSense will be in violation of their policy.  It’s up to the publisher to ensure that any other ad services that are used in conjunction with AdSense won’t look like Google.  This means that color schemes need to be changed so that each service is clearly distinctive.  If you use borders around one ad service, do without for the other. Also, Google ads and even search boxes aren’t permitted on sites that have other ads or services with the same layout.

Finally, one of the most interesting changes comes in the ‘Copyright Material’ section. Before, this section read:

In order to avoid associations with copyright claims, website publishers may not display Google ads on web pages with MP3, Video, News Groups, and Image Results.

Now it says:

Website publishers may not display Google ads on web pages with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content. Please see our DMCA policy for more information.

Stolen content protected by copyright law happens probably more than you think. This is a big change to this section, and when people are in violation of the AdSense Policies, they can become banned. One way for people check for others stealing your content (copyrighted or not) is a service called Copyscape. It makes it easy to try and find anyone who is copying you material by looking for other sites that match a large number of your words.

If you use AdSense, you’ll definitely want to check out the complete policy list.  They’ve added and tweaked their wording, and you’ll want to check to make sure you’re in compliance.

News Source: JenSense