So there is a use for billboards after all! The fact of the matter is, billboard advertising is kind of "old-school" these days compared to the latest fad of web advertising. It’s considered to be a more traditional method for advertising, but this hasn’t stopped Google – King of advertising on the web, from using a billboard to promote their GOOG-411 service. The image below was taken in upstate New York in a rural area.

goog 411 billboard

This is probably one of the few instances where using a billboard is actually your best option for marketing a service.  Because most people will be using GOOG-411 while they’re driving in the car, it makes sense that Google would want to advertise on the road where people will see it as they drive by. What doesn’t make sense though, is why they chose a billboard in a rural area to place their ad. I’d think that Google’s marketing budget for GOOG-411 would be large enough that they could put a billboard up in a major city or metropolitan area where thousands more people would see it.

I can’t imagine Google would just put up one billboard, so keep your eyes open. If you happen to spot a GOOG-411 billboard somewhere, let us know!

Source: Search Engine Land