Google has added a feature to Google Video that is something Gmail should have received first. When sending a video to a friend you see a form similar to the one pictured below, and now you can click on the “To” link to display a popup window for your contacts:

Google Contacts

It is a nice feature that I think may come in handy, but why isn’t it available in the place we need it the most…Gmail? Sure Gmail will autocomplete your contacts for you as you type, but many people have troubles remembering the people they have on their contact list.

There is a suggestion page that Google has setup for Gmail in case anyone has ideas of new features. Right now you can select up to five options from the following:

 Customize my Gmail color scheme
 Create my own keyboard shortcuts
 Automatically email my new Gmail address to all of my contacts 
 Always display external images sent by my contacts

 *Filter my outgoing messages
 Switch Conversation View on or off

Bells & Whistles
 *Delete attachments from a message
 Import messages from my other email accounts
 Automatically apply new filters to old conversations

Helpful Additions
 *Ability to add or remove messages from conversations
 Click a button to delete a message
 *Control whether people I send mail to are added to Contacts

I put an asterisk next to the four options that I chose, and then in the box for “I have a better idea” I entered in:

Contact selector for composing an email message

If you want to see this feature on there then you should enter in the same thing, because the more people who write in the same thing the faster it will get integrated.

News Source: Google System