Now when you go to search for a video over at Google Video, you’ll notice a few changes when you click to view one of the video results. Google has implemented a new frame at the top of the Google Video Search, and it looks much like what you would see when you do a Google Image Search.

Google video frames

You’ll have the option to collapse the frame, or even remove the frame, but it’ll be there when you click to view YouTube videos, or any of the other third-party sites like MySpace, Daily Motion, AOL etc. Within the frame you’ll get a list of related videos and information about the video like how long it is, and the option to rate it. You can also email the page to a contact.  Below the frame you’ll find the video in its original context.

MetaCafe clearly didn’t want the Google Frame up at the top because they’ve used some JavaScript to redirect users to their site. Although, it’s probably set up to redirect for any other site that tries to put a frame around it. Just do a search and click on any MetaCafe result, you’ll see what I mean.

It appears as though Google finally has a clear direction of where they’re headed, and that’s to turn Google Video primarily into a Video Search Engine. It makes sense, they do search well, so why not focus their video efforts on doing just that? I don’t think they’ve really known exactly where they were headed with this one all along, they’ve kinda been flying by the seat of their pants.

New YouTube Layout

In related news, YouTube has a new beta version for the layout of their site.  Anytime you view a video, you’ll see “Try out the New (beta) version of this page!” in a yellow box right above the box with the code to embed the video. The changes aren’t TOO drastic and if you don’t like it, you’re given the option to return the previous layout. You can also get this layout by adding &v3 at the end of any YouTube URL.

Source: Google Operating System